The Art of Besting Cancer

We turned long-gone cancer cells into an innovative art exhibition
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Treating cancer, oncologists often deal with professional loneliness, loss and grief. Pharmaceutical company MSD reignited their passion, via ‘The Art of Besting Cancer’ – the first art exhibition made of authentic clinical materials, that brings out the beauty of cancer treatment


Chief Creative Director: Sahar Lewenstein
Chief Art Director: Miriam Moshinsky
Project Manager: Sapir Dagan
Creative Director: Tal Manor
Art Director: Yanay Halevy
Creative Team: Lior Bergman, Ori Agmon
Design: Vova Belenkii
Production: Oproduction – Osnat Aharon, Moshe Shtivy, Shelley Katz
Director & Cinematographer: Or Kaplan
Editor & Post Production: Yam Tal



In order to reignite oncologists' passion, we decided to emphasize the beauty of what they're used to seeing as gloomy.
'The Art of Besting Cancer' is a unique exhibition, created from authentic oncological materials - curated for a year, and artistically twisted into 4 exhibits that represent the journey of cancer treatment.

Exhibit 1: Diagnosis
Immunohistochemistry stained cancer cells, that after effective treatment would no longer exist - framed and presented as memorial portraits.

Exhibit 2: Imaging
Statues of two classical icons with 3D projections of lung and breast tumors, highlighting the contrast between healthy-looking bodies that hide an invisible disease.

Exhibit 3: Treatment
A cutting-edge video showing immune cells eliminating cancer cells – surrounded by historical wars. Highlighting the oncologists as war heroes.

Exhibit 4: Surgery
Specimen jars become colorful pixels, spelling HOPE. Each jar contains an artifact of a patient whose life was prolonged by surgery.
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