Superhero Parents

We made kids believe their parents had superpowers
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Kids believe their parents are superheroes. We decided to prove them right. We invited children to take part in the new Delta’s commercial – and with their parents, arranged a special surprise they won’t forget any time soon


Chief Creative Director: Sahar Lewenstrein
Chief Art Director: Miriam Moshinsky
Account Executive: Livnat Halabi-Gendler
Creative Director: Haim Gendler
Art Director: Yanay Halevy
Copywrtiers: Tal Manor, Achiya Darshan
Designer: Ido Arbel
Account Supervisor: Tamar Beck
Account Manager: Yael Doron
Production Company: FIRMA Creative Production
Direction & Post Production: ONTHEBEACH
Chief Producers: Adar Shafran, Roni Abramowsky
Stunts: Yuval Galileo, Sergei Klimekin



Wait, what?
When Delta lingerie launched their Superhero pj's collection (for both kids and adults), we wanted to do something different and geeky.

The insight: kids believe their parents are superheroes.
So we decided to prove them right.

We invited families for a shoot, but didn't tell them it was no ordinary shoot. Using live stunt specialists, and cooperating with the parents - we made the kids believe their parents had real superpowers.

The video became viral in Israel, shared by Mako (the biggest news website) and also appearing on TV.

But most importantly - the collection was sold out. How's that for a superpower?
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