We turned a local radio station into Israel’s leading music service
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eco99fm radio station reached a plateau. So we stopped thinking radio and started thinking audio. Enter eco99music, the first app to offer music not by genre, but by the user’s current situation – Israel’s no.1 music service (Sorry, Spotify)


Strategy: Max Shcherbakov & Sahar Lewenstein
Chief Creative Director: Sahar Lewenstein
Chief Art Director: Miriam Moshinsky
Account Supervisor: Tamar Beck
Senior Copywriter: Tal Manor
Art Director: Yanay Halevy



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eco99fm: “We aim to become Israel’s no.1 music radio station”.
Hooligans: “Challenge accepted”.

The opportunity
At the time, streaming services like Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music weren't available in Israel yet, so we saw a huge opportunity.
But for that we had to do something crazy:
Stop thinking RADIO and start thinking AUDIO.

Insight #1:
Audio is the only format you can engage with while doing something else = infinite consumption opportunities.

Insight #2:
Until then, we chose our music by genre. But researching people's search patterns showed that they were searching for music by situation ("music for a run").

Insight #3:
The same genre will sound very differently in different situations (pop to run with vs. pop to study with).
eco99music - the first music service that offers music for your specific situation
An innovative Mobile, desktop and car app with thousands of playlists, edited specifically for any situation.

From common situations (driving, running, working) to long-tail niche situations (floor mopping, one night standing, babysitting, JAVA programming and many more).

eco99music quickly became Israel's no.1 music service, with over a million daily users (every 6th Israeli uses it).

It has became a serious growth engine and data collector, with in-app advertising and purchases.

Oh, and the radio station's reach grew by almost 50%, becoming Israel's no.1 music radio. Boom.
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