Where Did the Sugar Go?

We turned kids’ genuine and crazy stories into the brand’s commercials
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After taking the sugar out of Gamadim pudding, we asked children: “Where did the sugar go?” and turned their stories into super-sweet cartoons. A campaign written entirely by the wonderful imagination of real children


Chief Creative Director: Sahar Lewesntein
Chief Art Director: Miriam Moshinsky
Creative Director: Haim Gendler
Senior Copywriter: Tal Manor
Design: Yanay Halevy, Zevik Kaster
Project Manager: Ravit Vaysman
Account Supervisor: Tamat Beck
Account Manager: Mor Zehavi
Producer: Limor Avraham
Production Company: FIRMA Creative Production
Producer: Roni Abramowsky
Director: Roni Kleiner
Animation: Roy Hamilton-Sturdy
Original Music & Narration: Ori Toledano, Snowstar Company



About project
When Strauss launched 'Gamadin Sheli', free of sugar or sugar substitutes, we were terribly busy. So we decided to let the children write the scripts in our place.

We asked real kids: "Where does the sugar go when it leaves Gamadim pudding?" - and turned their answers into super-sweet animated videos (which keep all their cute language dislocations).
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