We launched China’s number one electric vehicle manufacturer, for the first time ever outside of China
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Despite being one of the largest automotive companies in the world, GEELY were relatively unknown outside of China. And when they decided to launch in Israel of all places, we were faced with quite a challenge: An unknown Chinese brand with no legacy, to be introduced into a saturated, small market. Success followed swiftly, and beyond expectations.


Chief Creative Director: Sahar Lewenstein

Chief Art Director: Yanay Halevy

VP Accounts: Ofer Klein

Account Supervisor: Gadi Fryd

Senior Creative: Adi Fuchs

Customer Success: Lior Paz

Design: Ayelet Barak, Tomer Ravid

Development: Michael Fintisov



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Our first decision was to advertise neither a car nor an electric car, but rather a gadget for early adopters. While addressing such consumer barriers as charging availability, we dismissed dealing with general skepticism and focused on tech-oriented messaging, stressing GEELY’s technological advantages over other vehicles in its category under the prime concept of being one step ahead of everyone else. THINK FURTHER was the main message to accentuate GEELY as the car that’s especially suited to people that can see ahead of time.
We veered (pun most certainly intended) from all trappings of automotive advertising and focused on the “gadgety” aspects of the GEOMETRY C model.
We rebranded GEELY with a look and feel identified with the worlds of digital electronics and mobile devices.
We suggested early on, ahead of all the pomp that accompanies a hard launch – that tech savvy people with an innate sense of foresight are already buying GEELY. It was to be a self-fulfilling prophecy: Aiming at sales of 100 units in the pre-launch stage, the results exceeded expectations with 1000 units sold and a whopping down payment reservation list.
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