Infectious disease

We created a digital asset where doctors can find the most updated information on MSD’s infectious disease medicines.
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MSD ask us to establish its position as a leading service company in the field of infectious diseases. Our idea was to create a digital asset that allows easy, straightforward access to information on MSD’s medicines.


Head of Art, UX & UI: Miriam Moshinsky
Head of Strategy & Creative: Sahar Lewesntein
Project Manager: Ofer Klein
Web Developer: Yehuda Yadid



When doctors choose the correct medicine for their patients, they must consider many variables - disclaimers, side effects, different dosages, and more. All appear on every medicine leaflet. MSD has a variety of medicines for infectious diseases and was looking to make it easy for doctors to get the full leaflets and medical guidelines. We created an easy-to-use digital asset, where doctors can find all medicine information they need while divided into different categories depending on the infectious disease to which the medicine responds.
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